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Accountability – the key to a successful self-build oak frame project

Joined up end to end accountability is crucial to all successful self-build oak frame projects. It needs to be borne by a person or company with the necessary expertise to establish a realistic budget at the start and who will be there to ensure successful completion within that budget at the end.

As such, a realistic budget, set before design starts, must take into account the client’s needs and aspirations, the opportunities and challenges of the plot and the affordability for the client.

We feel that the experience necessary to establish a realistic budget is both deep and broad. It requires therefore a full understanding and a comprehensive knowledge of; the client’s needs and aspirations, current construction costs, key design cost drivers and all the other costs that will be incurred during a self-build oak frame project. This expertise rarely resides in one person, least of all the one off self-builder.

The self-builder or self-manager might turn to an architect willing to provide a full service through to completion of the house. However, an architect is also unlikely to have all the necessary expertise. Our experience is the architectural profession are generally not adept at setting a realistic budget, or managing their own ‘creativity’ (designing) within a budget or managing the client’s expectations within a budget.

How are we different?

Our multi-disciplinary team of architects, cost consultants and construction experts are not only highly experienced in establishing realistic budgets at the start of your project, they also make sure they remain within them, thus being fully accountable right until the end. As a result we pride ourselves in working closely with our clients ensuring they have successful self-build oak frame projects.

To find out more about how much your oak frame house will cost, please visit our Project Costs page.



This handy checklist helps to summarise what our turnkey company does & how we are different. THE COMPLETE OAK HOME ARCHITECT OAK FRAMER BUILDER
Design, planning and costing
Planning – incl. outline and pre planning applications
1 X
Construction drawings 1 X
Building regulations 1 X
Contract preparation X X
Surveyors (e.g. habitat, arboricultural, ground) 2 X X
Third party specialists (e.g. engineers, SAP consultants) 2 X X
Budgets and costs
Project cost planning X X X
Value engineering 3 X X X
Financing (available if required) X X X
Site clearance (demolition where necessary) X X
Substructure - foundations, drainage X X
Oak frame X X
Panelised system if used X 4
Super structure (walls, roof, doors and windows) X X
First fix electrical and plumbing (hidden) X X
Fitting out (incl. kitchen, bathrooms, floor and wall finishes) X X
Second fix electrical and plumbing (visible) X X
Painting and decorating X X
Contract administration (CA) throughout construction X X
Post construction
CA throughout the 12 month Reconciliation Period 5 X X
Issue architects certificate X X

Some provide this service by using external architects


They coordinate but ask you to contract the services directly leaving the risk liability with you


A systemic method, applied throughout the entire design process to improve the value of the finished house


Some manufacture, or are agents for, these panels and have a vested interest in selling them


Some architects provide this but some don’t like to take on the responsibility and risk liability

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The team worked with us throughout the duration of our project, from the early design stages through to completion. We now have a wonderful oak framed home which we’ve been delighted to show to many other clients.
K. Hanson, Buckinghamshire

Your turnkey service means I’m really enjoying the journey of building our dream home. I get to be involved in the nice parts knowing you take care of the stress, there’s a safe pair of hands managing the process and I still get involved in all the decisions.
C.Nash, Oxfordshire


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