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Whether you have just had the spark of an idea, have become confused and bewildered or have been unable to get a straight answer from ‘experts’ in the industry, we can give you clarity, allay the myths and help you work out the cost of your oak frame house. Understanding the cost is crucial to ascertaining its feasibility.

If you don’t have a house design or perhaps even a plot, most companies will be unable to help you ascertain your budget.

There are three main routes you can choose when building your oak frame house. One is to do it all yourself (self-build), the second is to source and coordinate everything yourself (self-manage) and the third is to engage a company with everything you need under one roof (turnkey).

If you choose one of the first two routes, no one individual will be able to give you the full financial picture. At The Complete Oak Home we have all the expertise in one place so we can advise you on the cost of your oak frame house from day one.

A project budget normally falls into four main categories:

  1. Costs for the construction of the house itself
  2. Costs for professional input e.g. architect, engineer, SAP consultant, surveyors
  3. Statutory costs e.g. planning fees, building control fees, fees for satisfying planning conditions
  4. Other work associated with the project but not part of the house build e.g. demolition, landscaping, garaging

Associated with these categories are an enormous number of variables that will affect the final project cost. A few are:

  • Planning viability of the site and proposed house
  • The complexity or simplicity of the external ‘form’ or shape of the house
  • The type and quality of materials and products used
  • The size of the house
  • Site conditions
  • How you’ll heat the house and your aspirations for using renewable energy sources
  • The construction methods
  • The extent, complexity and type of glazing
  • Internal layout and how open plan it is


Whichever route you take, the things you need are the same. If you self-manage you have all the same costs to bear as when working with a turnkey company. The same build costs, building control fees, professional fees etc. BUT you source and manage everything yourself. In addition, you’ve got to learn everything about how to build a house, take on all the associated risk, AND be accountable and responsible for the finished house.

If you work with a complete turnkey company like The Complete Oak Home, you don’t have to know anything about house building! You work with a team of experts who help, guide and support you as you make all of the necessary decisions. You work with one company, ensuring a fully joined up approach to your project, with everything you need under one roof.

Whilst the first step in working with our clients is a rigorous Feasibility Study , we are very happy to have a preliminary conversation to help you understand the viability of your project, no matter where you are in the process.

To find out whether turnkey is the best solution for your project please visit our Turnkey page.

Call us now on 01249 479891 or click here to request more information.

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