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What we do

What we do

The Complete Oak Home is a turnkey company with everything you need under one roof. Many of our clients are so delighted when they find us, as all too often they’ve experienced companies which suggest they offer a complete service but in reality they don’t; these range from companies who provide quotes excluding many essential elements, to those who simply recommend other companies. From your earliest ideas and aspirations, through feasibility and concept designs, to planning permission, building regulations and construction, we provide everything you need for your complete oak frame house right through to moving in day. One of the biggest fears often expressed is whether the end result will be what you expected. With us, your project won’t get off the drawing board until it is exactly what you want and you understand how much it will cost.

The house building industry commonly follows a process of designing a scheme, gaining planning permission, producing working drawings and only then after considerable cost to the client is a build price properly ascertained. We believe this approach is fundamentally flawed. Why wait until significant costs have been incurred only to find out the project is not affordable?

What makes us different?

In an industry which claims many things, we are genuinely different. Here’s why:


We have everything you need under one roof


We are not oak frame manufacturers. Our architects are free to focus on giving you what you want without concerning themselves with maximising the sale value of the oak frame


We are not general architectural practitioners. We specialise in the architectural design of oak frame houses and buildings. Our specialist expertise ensures that the oak frame is perfectly integrated with all the other building components for outstanding and lasting quality and value


We design for you, and you alone. We are not a kit or package house company and we do not have off the shelf floor plans that we work from, because we find customising existing designs rarely achieves the right result


We continually check the project costs as we go so there is no need to wait until the end of a tender process to see if you can afford what you have paid to be designed for you.

We approach designing and building your oak timber frame house in a very different way to most. We work collaboratively; with you, our designers, our constructors and other specialists all working together. As a result, we deliver spectacular oak timber frame homes for our clients through enjoyable projects everyone can be proud of, on time and on budget.

So when should you start talking to us? The simple answer is as soon as possible, because our specialist advice is free and impartial. The earlier we can help in the process, the more we can help you avoid unnecessary and occasionally damaging work. If you already have a plot for your bespoke oak frame home then you’re already over the biggest hurdle. Pick up the phone or send us an email and let us talk you through the steps of our design and build process with a friendly and no obligation conversation.

The team worked with us throughout the duration of our project, from the early design stages through to completion. We now have a wonderful oak framed home which we’ve been delighted to show to many other clients.


Whilst every project is unique to your design and build requirements, we’ve outlined the key milestones in designing and building your bespoke oak framed home:

  1. An important first step is for us to review whether your project is likely to gain planning consent.
  2. Once we’re as confident as we can be we’ll meet with you to develop your brief and make sure we fully understand the scope and size of the project.
  3. We’ll produce an initial cost estimate for the construction of your beautiful new oak timber frame home.
  4. Next is when your project really starts to come to life when we prepare concept designs for your oak framed house for your feedback.
  5. We’ll work closely with you to design your home balancing creative flair with cost control
  6. We’ll prepare the planning drawings, make the planning submission and closely monitor its progress.
  7. With planning approved, we’ll prepare a full specification and detailed technical package so you have control over all the fixtures and fittings which will provide the important finishing touches to your oak timber framed house.
  8. We’ll then confirm a fixed price and construction timetable so you’ll know exactly what to expect and when each stage will be finished.
  9. Building starts! We’ll oversee the project while you choose how involved you would like to be throughout the construction of your oak framed house.
  10. It’s yours! At this point, everything from the expert design and build to the exquisite finish will be complete. Time to hand you the keys to your dream oak frame home.

Below we’ve given a little more detail to each of these stages in our process:

Stage 1: Project Feasibility

Every oak frame home we design and build is bespoke and specifically designed for you, our client and the plot or land where the home will be built.
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Stage 2: Planning Approval

Once we’ve all agreed your project is feasible and you’ve decided we’re the right partner to design and build your oak frame home, we’ll develop the designs ready for the planning application.
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Stage 3: Technical Working Drawings

After planning permission is granted we need to get to a point where we have everything in place to build your oak timber frame home.
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Stage 4: Construction

We want you to really enjoy this rewarding experience.
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Stage 5: Moving In!

Once your dream oak timber frame house is finished and ready, we’ll carry out a final inspection with you and make sure you’re completely happy to move in.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Complete Oak Home incorporates The Complete Architect, a RIBA Chartered Practice.