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Oak Frame Feasibility Study

Commissioning our Feasibility Study

One of the unique things about The Complete Oak Home is that we are not a regular architectural practice that might make an occasional foray into designing oak framed houses and we’re not an oak frame manufacturer making a foray into designing and building houses. We are a specialist company entirely dedicated to the design and construction of oak framed houses.

If you are considering working with us to design and build your oak timber framed home you’ll want to be certain that we’re the right company at the earliest opportunity. For this reason we offer a Feasibility Study that enables us to explore your project with you at a subsidised cost. Whilst the amount of work we do in this stage is somewhat more than is represented by the fee we feel it is the best way for our clients to make an informed decision about whether The Complete Oak Home suits them and their project best. We always start our architectural design by evaluating the feasibility of a project. The study will determine whether you can build an oak timber framed house of the style and size you want, where you want to place it on your site for the budget you have available.

Plot viability

Our architectural design team will start by doing some desk research into the viability of your plot. We can easily look at the plot on line and see where it is in relation to other residential buildings. You’ll be able to tell us if it already has a house on it and perhaps an idea of its size or number of bedrooms. We’ll discuss with you the size of house you want to build and we’ll be able to determine if it’s within local planning policy.

Planning research

Armed with information about your plot, the size of oak timber framed house you want to build and where you want to build it we’ll then look at the local planning policies and the planning history of the site.

Taking your brief

When we’ve done our research we’re well placed to discuss your brief with you. Our architectural designer and project consultant will visit the site and then sit down for a couple of hours fleshing out the brief with you. Often they’ll help by taking you through a comprehensive portfolio of other oak timber frame houses to help you explore the possibilities.

Developing the concepts

The conceptual design of your new oak timber framed house is hugely important. At this very early stage we would be surprised if you didn’t want to make changes as the design develops but it will help you to see how your house might look. However we think this stage plays an even more important role for you and it’s at the very heart of why offer the Feasibility and Briefing Package; Confidence.


Designing and building a bespoke family home is one of the biggest decisions you can make and choosing the right company to work with is the biggest step. Our Feasibility Study enables our clients to make that choice with confidence.
Tim Burrell – Director

Oak spiral staircase in oak framed house Perthshire

Spiral staircase, oak framed house Perthshire



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The Complete Oak Home incorporates The Complete Architect, a RIBA Chartered Practice.