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Why Choose an Oak Frame Home?

Why choose an oak frame home?

Historically, craftsman made use of readily available materials such as oak to create large covered spaces for everything from simple barns to elaborate hall houses. Today, using oak frames in architectural design allows us to create homes from the very traditional to the very contemporary, often combining oak with stainless steel and glass. The common factor is the character an oak frame brings to a home – and it’s this character all of us at The Complete Oak Home are utterly passionate about. Modern building technologies bring the benefits of low running costs, low maintenance, and warm, draught free rooms with light open spaces. An oak frame home combines these advantages with wonderful, lasting and natural beauty.


Having steered our project through challenging planning issues, Andy and his team worked tirelessly to ensure our new home is both what we wanted and within our means.


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The Complete Oak Home incorporates The Complete Architect, a RIBA Chartered Practice.