We Create Bespoke Houses Without Oak Frame Too!

Complete Home works with clients who want a bespoke house built for them, without oak frame, and who don’t want to self-build or self-manage their project

Why choose us?

Cost control

Embarking on a self-build project requires confidence in several things, perhaps the most important of which is cost; being sure you can keep your project within your budget.

From initial design to starting construction and beyond, a project requires regular cost assessment and clients need ongoing advice as they make the many choices needed to bring a scheme to fruition.

Our in-house cost consultants and rigorous processes help our clients confidently move their projects forward.



Working with our clients from their first ideas to the day they move in, and beyond, is the hallmark of our turnkey solution.

Whilst we take on much of the work and risk involved in a self-build bespoke home project we make sure our clients stay in control.

Despite being a complete end-to-end solution, we also help clients who have embarked on their project before finding us, often helping them with cost control, procurement, value engineering, value engineering and contract administration.


Approach to design

Architectural design is most successful when it brings together the client’s ideas with the architect’s skill, experience and expertise.

We help clients participate closely as the design evolves, respecting the fact that we are designing their house, to be built using their budget. We stage the decisions that need to be made, spreading them over time to make the process controllable and pleasurable.

Something that could have felt overwhelming quickly feels inspiring and exciting.


Our brand-new solution

Our turnkey solutions have become so successful we have been getting an increasing number of requests asking if we can apply the principle to non-oak frame houses. We are really excited to say the answer is now YES.

The demand for our rigorous cost control and turnkey solutions has become so high we have established Complete Home for clients who want to work with one company throughout their project but may not want oak frame.

We apply all the same tried and trusted turnkey processes to your project as we do for Complete Oak Home.

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About Us

We are a multi-disciplinary team of architects, cost control experts and project co-ordinators creating stunning bespoke houses designed for how our clients want to live.

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Front view of bespoke home in St Albans

Turnkey Service Perfect For Clients Living In Dubai

Garden view of contemporary house

Luxury contemporary home with basement pool

Front view of modern and sustainable home in conservation area and AONB

Attractive and Sustainable Home in AONB and Conservation Area

Front view of beautiful family home on Thames Path

Thames Path Bungalow Replaced By Beautiful 3 Storey Home