The Time Is Now

Has it happened yet?

That moment when you just KNOW you’re ready to turn your dream into a reality.

When you think about it you get goosebumps.

You can picture yourself there, living the dream.

You can imagine moving in day.

You can feel the moment of pride when you show your friends and family around for the first time.

The memory making feels real – your first Christmas, enjoying a summer BBQ, bringing baby home from the hospital, having your grandchildren for a sleepover.

BUT ….. something is holding you back …

You could be worrying because you don’t know anything about house building.

You might be feeling anxious that you don’t have enough time to manage your project by yourself.

Perhaps you haven’t managed to find a company who offers a turnkey solution for bespoke houses, and only offers off the shelf designs.

Maybe you haven’t been able to get straight answers about the cost of your project.

It could be that you’ve already worked with an architect but you feel that they haven’t really listened to you.

Or maybe you just haven’t found a company who you feel you can trust.

front and side exterior showing large glazed entrance with oak door
oak frame home with covered porch area
barn converion showing cobble stone walls and landscaped gardens
exterior curved stone house overlooking lake

We specialise in working with people just like you …

Whether you want an oak frame home or a conventionally constructed house, a full turnkey solution or some architectural input, we’ll help you to reduce risk, to have confidence and to enjoy what, for many of you, will be the most important project you’ll ever undertake.


It’s really great knowing that you’re in control of things; thank you so much. I don’t know why anyone would build in any other way.


The Complete Oak Home offer something rather different, not oak frame manufacturers but oak frame experts who design and build oak frame homes.


We have both had a good look at the designs and we absolutely love them. It hugely exceeds our expectations and for this we are truly thankful of your superbly impressive work! We are so excited to think that this could be ours – you are very talented indeed.


Thanks again for your excellent work on making this happen. It is clear when reading the case officer’s report that the application itself hit all the ‘sweet spots’ and made her job easy.


The one thing that has enabled us to progress is I believe finding a company that is prepared to partner with us from the very beginning and take us through planning, design/costing, tendering and build through to completion (or to any stage along the way).


You’ve been dreaming of building your own bespoke home, and now it’s time to turn that dream into reality.
We work with clients who are looking for all the benefits of a full turnkey solution, combined with the design expertise of an architectural practise.

You don’t need to know anything about house building, or worry about project or budget overrun, as we have a multi disciplinary team who take care of everything for you, following our unique planning and cost control process.

What makes us different?

When we work with you, something that might have felt risky and daunting with no certainty of a satisfactory outcome quickly becomes achievable. We inspire you with the confidence to know you’ll be turning your vision into a plan. This is delivered by:

A client-led approach to bespoke design

Good design evolves through collaboration. We match your needs and wishes with our skill and knowledge

Cost diligence

From concept to completion, our cost specialists have a unique approach to helping clients bring their project in on budget

Complete turnkey

Our turnkey solutions are the most comprehensive, with everything you need under one roof. Don’t worry if you’ve never built an oak frame home before; we are your safe pair of hands


Our oak frame home experts are entirely independent of the oak frame manufacturing industry and our architects are independent of an ‘in house’ or ‘practice’ style

Working nationally

Our processes, infrastructure and the use of technology enable us to work nationally. We also work with clients based abroad or those having an oak frame home built in the UK

Our company ethos

To enjoy working with clients whose projects are of real personal importance, creating homes that reflect their aspirations. We don’t do off the shelf oak frame home designs