Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of FAQs that have come directly from our clients which we thought would be useful for everyone to access.

If you have any questions that you would like us to answer, please email us or call us on 01249 479891, we would love to hear from you! Then we can add the question and answer to this page.

Here’s a list of questions that we often get asked:

Specialist advice – what will be needed?

During the design and construction of a bespoke home a whole raft of specialist advice is needed and we draw on a range of expert consultants. Of course, we’ll deal with these as part of our complete service. For example, a project engineer will do all the calculations and a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) consultant will work out the energy efficiency of the building. Both are needed to satisfy the building control officer. Other specialists may be required; environmental assessments, planning consultants, and so on.

Will I pay VAT?

If your project is a complete new build, for the majority of cases the construction is zero rated, and you won’t be charged any VAT. We will advise you whether or not you will need to pay any VAT at the start of your project.

However, you must pay VAT on any professional services for example, engineering fees, surveyor’s fees and so on.

Can you do other work such as the driveway and landscaping?

We regularly take on a great deal more than just the building of your new oak frame home. Most of our clients want a house they can move into without the upheaval of ongoing work. We can wrap up as much as you like into the project.

Will you look after connecting utilities?

Yes, we will. This will all be included in the cost plan. If you don’t have a utility on the site, such as mains drainage and you would like it, we’ll look at how feasible it is and discuss the options with you.

Will you demolish the old house for us?

Yes. We’ll arrange for the existing house to be demolished at a time to suit the project. Some of our clients live in their existing house while their new home is built alongside and in some cases the existing house must come down before we can start.

Can I visit some of your previous projects?

Absolutely! We always respect our clients’ rights to privacy, but many are delighted to show off their wonderful new homes. Usually once we have completed the feasibility stage, and have a good understanding of what might suit you, we can arrange for you to see a home that would be most appropriate.

Will you work with us if we already have drawings or planning permission?

We frequently take on projects that are part way through the process, because delivering excellent bespoke homes while building efficiently and cost effectively is what we do. However this can only be successful if the architectural design is to a high standard, or, as more often happens, we can complete the technical design (post planning permission) in-house.

Will you deal with the planners?

Yes. We look after all aspects of the planning process for your bespoke house. If we think your planning application is going to be contentious, we’ll talk to you about the options available to maximise your chances of getting planning permission.

Will it cost me more to have you build my home?

The straight answer is no; in our experience, it will cost you no more to have us design and build your bespoke house than if you did it yourself, and less than if you used a non-specialist contractor.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Oak framed buildings are a specialism, and using us avoids surprises arising from inappropriate design or inexperienced contractors.
  • We have a strong focus on value for money during the design process, and however beautiful and inspirational our designs, they will also be efficient and cost-effective.
  • Because we are not oak frame manufacturers, we do not have a vested interest in maximising the sale value of the oak frame, or indeed any other component of the building. Our focus is on good architectural design, maximising value for our clients and making sure execution is outstanding.
  • Other reasons include our buying power, and our focus on completing a project on time which also saves money.