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Bespoke Home Architecture

We are an architectural practice offering a full range of services, bringing projects to fruition through creative inspiring design, pragmatism and cost control.

Why choose us?

Approach to design

Designing a bespoke house needs close collaboration between you and a skilled architect who will really listen to you and interpret what you want into a practical design. Whilst bringing our knowledge and experience of home architecture to bear, the last thing we will do is to impose a preferred style on you – at that point, listening and proper interpretation will have vanished.  We are open to your ideas. We will advise but not dictate.

Throughout the home architecture process, there are hundreds of decisions to be made, which can sometimes become overwhelming for you. Our unique structured approach to designing your home brings excitement and the confidence that you’ll get the design you want and helps you make decisions at the appropriate time.


Value engineering & cost control

Every architect is obliged to be diligent with their client’s budget, but we go the extra mile.  Our clients have access to our full cost and value engineering services. Being part of the Complete Home and Complete Oak Home teams, our home architecture specialists regularly work alongside our costs consultants. They are familiar with current construction costs and well placed to advise and guide on budget-related decisions should you want it.


Oak frame specialists

Designing and building oak framed houses requires specialist knowledge and experience that only a few home architecture companies in the UK have. Members of our team have been involved in oak frame buildings since 2004. As well as giving seminars at the UK’s leading timber construction organisations, such as TRADA and Napier University, they have been involved in numerous award-winning projects.


What is home architecture?

There’s so much to consider when taking on the project of building your own house. You probably have a whole range of ideas from location, budget, style, size, shape and function, even down to the sort of taps you want to use in the kitchen. It’s exciting but at the same time it can be completely mind-boggling! Enlisting the help of home architecture specialists like us will take away a huge amount of stress, so that you can enjoy, instead of dread, the journey ahead of you.

All our work is focused on home architecture, not commercial projects, so we have accumulated a vast amount of relevant knowledge and expertise in this field of property development – from translating your ideas into workable plans within your budget, to dealing with the bureaucratic maze of planning and building control. We take the strain so you don’t have to! Our home architecture uses a client lead process. Find the process here.

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Our architectural services

Complete Architect handles the full range of architectural services including feasibility studies, concept drawings, planning applications (both outline and pre-app), construction drawings and contract administration.

The practice ethos is to create inspiring designs that enable our clients to realise their aspirations. In addition to considerable home architecture experience, the strength of the team lies in its in-depth knowledge of project cost management, and site-based pragmatism.

Great design and good cost control means clients’ ambitions of completing their project come to fruition.

Good home architecture is as much about understanding people as it is about creating beautiful homes. Designing for our clients is close to our hearts and starts with developing their brief through a process of listening, enquiry and shared possibilities. But possibilities must be within reach and our team relish the creativity that comes with constraints.

Our team

Enhancing years of architectural experience and training, the team uses a range of tools, from simple hand sketching to highly sophisticated software, to help our clients visualise and contribute to the design process. These include REVIT, Adobe Design Suite and SketchUp Pro.

Our team is equally adept at modernistic, contemporary and traditional design, responding to the unique characteristics a site presents and the specific requirements of our clients. This results in high quality, carefully considered and imaginative architecture.

Keith Ellis From The Complete Oak Home


Keith has over 30 years’ experience as an Architectural Technician over a variety of building types and scales. For the first 15 years, he cut his teeth on large commercial and industrial projects where complete accuracy in all detail, and tight cost focus was of paramount importance.  For the last 15 years he has specialised in vernacular domestic architecture with its closer client contact, use of natural materials and designing buildings that should last for centuries. Much of Keith’s experience was gained as the Senior Architectural Technician at a well-renowned Cotswold based practice, and it was there that he gained a wide knowledge of traditional construction techniques in natural building materials as well as modern construction methods. Previous to joining Complete Architect, Keith was the Senior Designer for one of the country’s leading timber frame design and fabricators. Working closely with Tim Burrell, he worked on a variety of projects, including historic buildings, new ‘traditional’ and contemporary frames. Today Keith is regarded as one of the country’s foremost specialist timber frame architectural technicians.

Josh Wood From The Complete Oak Home


Josh recently fully qualified as an architect, with 9 years combined architectural education and experience. He has won awards for sustainable design. Before joining Complete Architect, Josh worked on a wide variety of residential projects at two Bristol-based architectural practices. Notable projects such as Paintworks in Bristol and Baltic Wharf in Totnes highlight his focus towards and delight in achieving good, sustainable architecture within cost criteria. He currently tutors architectural design at the University of the West of England, promoting a more pragmatic approach to design which he believes leads to honest and thus beautiful architecture. For Josh, the pleasure in design is found when constraints require outside of the box creative thinking. He believes that creativity can thrive on limited resource and lead to exciting & innovative architecture. His designs showcase how value engineering help reduce overall project costs whilst contributing positively to the architecture. He believes in honesty and modesty.


Lee is the latest addition to the Complete Architect design team and with over 25 years in the construction industry, brings with him a wealth of professional and hands on experience. With a long and proven architectural design record, primarily focussed in the residential sector, he has worked on a diverse range of schemes over the years, from one off bespoke houses to the master planning and regeneration of new housing estates. Pragmatic in his approach, Lee is an advocate of sustainable, yet elegant and considered design solutions. With functionality at the forefront, he believes that high quality, bespoke houses can still be achieved whilst working within specific site and budgetary constraints. Away from the day job, Lee has a history of self-building and renovating properties and has successfully completed many personal projects over the years. He and his wife have only recently completed the conversion of a derelict barn into a family home and this showcases Lee’s passion for high quality design and attention to detail.

Front view of bespoke home in St Albans

Turnkey Service Perfect For Clients Living In Dubai

Garden view of contemporary house

Luxury contemporary home with basement pool

Front view of modern and sustainable home in conservation area and AONB

Attractive and Sustainable Home in AONB and Conservation Area

Front view of beautiful family home on Thames Path

Thames Path Bungalow Replaced By Beautiful 3 Storey Home