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Wanting to build a new home? Perhaps you’re feeling confused about where to start? Or getting conflicting answers from different companies? Maybe you can’t seem to find anyone to guide you through the process? That’s where we can help!

Our multi-disciplinary team of turnkey and oak frame specialists has all the skills and expertise you need, under one roof. We’ll help and advise you as you make all the necessary decisions, right through to the completion of your project.

Our Story

Tim and Andy founded our company to provide a complete and professional service for people who want high- quality, stunningly-designed and meticulously-built homes.

They had become increasingly frustrated by the number of house-building projects they saw coming off the rails because of budget overrun, loss of momentum or because no one would listen properly to what clients wanted.

Whilst the concept of the business was born from extensive experience in the oak framing industry, and both Tim and Andy are oak frame specialists, the company has grown to encompass all types of house building, providing services to self-builders as well as complete turnkey solutions.

Complete Oak Home has now been joined by Complete Architect and Complete Home to ensure everyone can benefit from the joined-up efficiency of our multi-disciplinary team.

 “Everyone in our multi-disciplinary team of turnkey and oak frame specialists is committed to providing outstanding professional services to achieve the aspirations and ambitions of each client. We engage with, listen and understand our clients’ lifestyles before using our experience to advise, design and create a dream home from their vision. A home which expresses exactly how they want to live.”

(Tim Burrell, MD)

Are We The Right Fit?

The Complete oak Home Current Projects

If you want to build a one-off bespoke house and you’re worried you don’t know enough about house building, or you simply don’t have time to do everything yourself, we can help.

We can work with you throughout your project, giving you:

  1. A focus on cost control, from conceptual design through to completion
  2. Reduced risk, giving you confidence that your home will be on time and budget
  3. All relevant skills and expertise under one roof, advising you as you make decisions
  4. The design expertise of an architectural practice

Think of us as an extension to your team.  Use our experience to create an amazing home that will make all of us proud. If you just want a house, then you probably shouldn’t come to us, but if you want a bespoke home, designed exactly for you and the way you live, then you’re in the right place.

Our team

Our team is made up of passionate and experienced professionals, focused on two goals:

  • creating homes that make everyone proud
  • delivering outstanding, dedicated and personal service

Our tried and tested processes keep us focused, and you fully in the picture at all times. We take considerable pride in the work we do, and have been lucky enough to be in partnership with some amazing clients, some from just down the road, others on the far side of the world. We thrive on challenge and rise to it on every occasion. We’ve picked up the pieces and dug clients out of holes that, when they first contacted us, they thought they were stuck in forever!

Andy Parker
Project Consultant

My role involves working with our customers when they first set out on their projects and need advice and guidance on things such as the planning viability of their plot, establishing an appropriate budget and overall project feasibility. I previously worked as Commercial Director at a leading oak frame manufacturer and have a real passion for the business. Oak frame houses, whether traditional or highly contemporary have an innate character, personality and warmth that I love. I really enjoy working with our clients as they move from their first exploratory steps into the process with a huge number of unknowns, to being able to relax as they become confident that their project is achievable and they have confidence in us as their project partners. At Complete Oak Home, I know that we have something really unique that our client’s value. There’s a real synergy between us and our clients who are often building a ‘forever’ house, which will have a real impact on their quality of life. I really enjoy being able to shape a business that gives our clients exactly what they want.

Ged Brockett from The Complete Oak Home
Ged Brockett
Project Coordinator

With a career in process control, logistics and international operations management, Ged brings invaluable experience to our design team. A successful design team requires much more than architectural expertise. Ged is the team leader with a focus on delivering first class client service through organised, collaborative team management. As well as managing our internal team Ged works with a range of third parties including surveyors, engineers and planning authorities. She also attends to all the background research that helps us give clients cost confidence at the earliest opportunity. No two sites are the same and require different information, to ensure successful planning applications, and conformity with planning conditions and building regulations. By thoroughly researching and evaluating each site and relevant planning requirements at the start, Ged helps the team make best use of the client’s available budget. She also works with the construction teams to ensure they have all the details they need to accurately cost a project and liaises with clients where decisions need to be made. It is said the devil is in the detail and at Complete Architect the creative process and robust delivery standards are testament to this. There are very few businesses that can have such a dramatic effect on a family’s quality of life. Our service culminates in a home for our client. A home they will live in and enjoy for generations to come.  

“My aim is to ensure we as a team perform our roles to the best of our creative and technical abilities, we work together to deliver exemplary homes for our clients and we create designs that outperform our client’s expectations on every level”.

Keith Ellis From The Complete Oak Home
Keith Ellis
Architectural Technician

Keith has over 30 years’ experience as an Architectural Technician over a variety of building types and scales. For the first 15 years, he cut his teeth on large commercial and industrial projects where complete accuracy in all detail, and tight cost focus was of paramount importance.  For the last 15 years he has specialised in vernacular domestic architecture with its closer client contact, use of natural materials and designing buildings that should last for centuries. Much of Keith’s experience was gained as the Senior Architectural Technician at a well-renowned Cotswold based practice, and it was there that he gained a wide knowledge of traditional construction techniques in natural building materials as well as modern construction methods. Previous to joining Complete Architect, Keith was the Senior Designer for one of the country’s leading timber frame design and fabricators. Working closely with Tim Burrell, he worked on a variety of projects, including historic buildings, new ‘traditional’ and contemporary frames. Today Keith is regarded as one of the country’s foremost specialist timber frame architectural technicians.

“Successful architecture combines outstanding creative thinking with meticulous attention to detail and pragmatism. I’ve never in my career, prior to joining the team, enjoyed the level of collaborative working we have here”.

Lee Scutter
Senior Architectural Designer

Lee is the latest addition to the Complete Architect design team and with over 25 years in the construction industry, brings with him a wealth of professional and hands on experience. With a long and proven architectural design record, primarily focussed in the residential sector, he has worked on a diverse range of schemes over the years, from one off bespoke houses to the master planning and regeneration of new housing estates. Pragmatic in his approach, Lee is an advocate of sustainable, yet elegant and considered design solutions. With functionality at the forefront, he believes that high quality, bespoke houses can still be achieved whilst working within specific site and budgetary constraints. Away from the day job, Lee has a history of self-building and renovating properties and has successfully completed many personal projects over the years. He and his wife have only recently completed the conversion of a derelict barn into a family home and this showcases Lee’s passion for high quality design and attention to detail.

‘Engaging in the process of building for yourself allows you to further identify and empathise with clients that endeavour to do the same. I have great respect for those who challenge the norm and find great satisfaction in working with like-minded people who do not accept the pastiche offered by mainstream housing developers.  Building for yourself and creating that legacy can be hugely rewarding and whilst the planning and building process can be notoriously unpredictable and difficult to navigate, assisting in taking a brief and initial design concepts through to a completed home and satisfied customer is where my strengths lie’.


Tim Burrell From The Complete Oak Home
Tim Burrell
Cost Consultant

Prior to jointly founding Complete Oak Home, then subsequently its Architectural Practice Complete Architect, Tim was Managing Director of one of the country’s leading oak frame designers and manufacturers. In 2012, he was featured as the oak frame industry’s ‘Leading Light’ by Self Build and Design magazine. In his career, he has been involved in many award winning structures in both the commercial and domestic spheres including the traditional and contemporary new buildings at the National Trust’s Stowe visitor centre [RIBA and Wood Awards winner], and the housing development of Accordia in Cambridge [RIBA’s 2008 Stirling Prize]. Tim’s particular area of expertise is in the aesthetics and engineering of timber framed buildings, a subject on which he has lectured on many occasions for organisations such as Napier university, Wood for Good, TRADA, and the National Trust. Tim is also a chartered management accountant and is responsible for the cost planning of each project. He works closely with our design team and reviews all schemes at regular intervals throughout the design process to ensure sound cost planning. Tim has overall responsibility for the cost planning for each project and acts as one of our contract administrators during the construction phase.

“Finding innovative solutions to unique challenges and ensuring the smooth running of our projects is both stimulating and rewarding. Our holistic approach and the professionalism of our team is key to achieving our goals.”

Abigail West
Marketing Assistant
In 2018 Abbie joined Complete Oak Home as our Marketing Assistant, helping create and grow our business, as well as connecting with people through online and offline marketing. Abbie is a very enthusiastic person and loves working in this industry as she gets to see client’s house designs come to life. Prior to her marketing experience, Abbie studied Chinese Language at university which gave her many travelling opportunities. She has a very creative and bubbly personality, and in 2014 she decided to start a travel and lifestyle blog. When she started to blog more seriously, she realised that marketing was the industry she wanted to pursue a career in. There are many elements Abbie loves to explore within marketing on a day-to-day basis which is why she is passionate about what she does. Outside of work, photography and travelling are two of Abbie’s main interests and she combines them to capture photographic moments on the road.

“Ever since starting a job in this industry, my appreciation for architecture has only grown more and more. It really is rewarding being part of this small but collaborative team where I get to see architectural designs come to life and client’s dreams become a reality.”

Adam Rebdi
Construction Manager
A graduate in Civil Engineering from The University of Bristol, Adam spent the first 15 years of his career working for one of the largest Principal Contractors in the UK on a variety of projects within the commercial, residential, infrastructure, and energy sectors. He has extensive delivery experience of design and build construction projects from procurement to handover and a wealth of knowledge in contract management and tendering. Adam is also a Chartered Civil Engineer, and Chartered Builder, professional qualifications of which he is immensely proud. Adam’s role as Construction Manager includes provision of contract and cost management services and construction expertise to directly manage clients’ projects. Outside work, Adam enjoys running and skiing, and his young family loves to keep him on his toes!

“It’s incredibly satisfying to work with our clients and see their dream homes take shape and become a reality. Shouldering some of the burden in the build process and providing practical guidance to achieve our clients’ aspirations is a fantastic day job!”

Josh Wood From The Complete Oak Home
Josh Wood
Consultant Architect
Josh is a qualified and registered Architect with over twelve years combined work and education experience. He started his path into architecture with a mission to design and procure truly sustainable buildings.
This led him to UWE and the first course in the UK to combine environmental engineering with architecture with a focus on sustainable, passive design. Winning awards in this area, Josh has gone on to become part of sustainability teams at both large and small architectural practices.
Josh has been working with Complete Oak Home since 2015. During this time, he has taken many of our clients through the design process to create their dream homes. He is a key member of the team offering clients a comprehensive turnkey service.
Many of these projects have involved contentious planning applications within the greenbelt or adjacent to listed buildings or other heritage assets.
In addition to practicing, Josh teaches architecture at UWE as an associate lecturer on a part time basis. He has designed and built his own Tiny Home which he has lived in for three years and will soon be featured on TV.

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Because we used an architect first who was absolutely useless. He didn’t listen to us at all or give us a design that we wanted. In fact his design was so poor that I could have drawn it myself or just copied it straight from the internet. When we spoke to The Complete Oak Home you actually listened to us and provided us with a design that met all of our requirements.


We had experienced difficulties with another company but from the moment we met Andy our faith in the project had been restored. He understood what we wanted and listened very carefully to our needs. He talked about structure and wood which was so interesting, and he was clearly so much more of an expert in his field than other people we had spoken to.


Building a house has been something we've been looking at for some time but to be honest we didn't really want the hassle of having to do everything ourselves. Complete Oak Home offers us a way of achieving our dream by undertaking those tasks for us.