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We work with clients who want bespoke oak frame homes built for them, but don’t want to self-build or self-manage their project

Front view of bespoke home in St Albans

Turnkey Service Perfect For Clients Living In Dubai

Garden view of contemporary house

Luxury contemporary home with basement pool

Front view of modern and sustainable home in conservation area and AONB

Attractive and Sustainable Home in AONB and Conservation Area

Front view of beautiful family home on Thames Path

Thames Path Bungalow Replaced By Beautiful 3 Storey Home

Why choose us?

We are not oak frame manufacturers

Though we are specialists in designing and building bespoke oak frame homes we are independent of the oak frame manufacturing industry. We don’t manufacture oak frames, which ensures our clients get the best design solutions. A house comprises many components from windows and doors to kitchens and bathrooms. An oak frame is a component. Houses are best designed by architects, not product manufacturers.


Value engineering & cost control

Keeping a project within budget is crucial to its success. Cost overrun can make or break a scheme.

A bespoke oak frame house project develops over many months and requires continual cost evaluation. We give clients guidance throughout the process, as they make the numerous decisions about the design and specification of their new home. Only through close collaboration can a successful project emerge.

Our unique cost control processes are managed entirely internally and are essential to our clients’ confidence in embarking on their projects and seeing them through to completion. This is one of the services our clients value most.



Our turnkey solutions are the most comprehensive in the industry. We partner with our clients from the moment they describe their very first conceptual idea through to completed bespoke oak frame homes ready for occupation.

From vision to plan to reality, our turnkey solutions keep you fully in control while, at the same time, you benefit from our years of experience and expertise.

Even if you’ve already started your project, you can join us at any stage and benefit from our turnkey processes and services.


Oak frame specialists

Oak frame is a unique method of construction. Designing bespoke oak frame homes requires architectural expertise and specific knowledge of oak frame. We have been involved in oak frame building design for well over a decade, including many award-winning projects. Our staff have delivered lectures for some of the UK’s leading timber construction institutions, including the Timber Research and Development Association and Napier University, Edinburgh.


Approach to design

We have a unique approach to designing our clients’ bespoke oak frame homes. It is collaborative and involving. We help our clients to understand and engage with the design process; we never lose sight of the fact we are designing your house, with your money, on your property. We are a client-led practice.

Our layered and phased approach ensures decision-making is both manageable and enjoyable. Starting with how the interior of your house will flow and work best for you, to how it will relate to and make the most of your site, to the finishing touches.

With our approach, something that might have felt risky and daunting with no certainty of a satisfactory outcome, quickly becomes a foregone conclusion. You’ll experience a new-found confidence that you’ll be turning your vision into a plan.


How we are different from oak frame manufacturers


Because we don’t manufacture oak frames, it doesn’t matter to us how much of your house is made from oak frame. We believe bespoke oak frame homes are more efficient and perform at their best when combined with other construction methods. Our architects and designers are free to give our clients exactly what they want, bringing together budget, value and design aspirations.We create unique and stunning homes without any pressure to maximise the amount of oak frame we include.


In the first few weeks of your project, we will do a thorough evaluation of your aspirations, your plot and project costs. We offer a fully joined-up approach, which is different to oak frame manufacturers because, unlike them, we have a contractual responsibility to our clients throughout the whole process.


Our ongoing unique cost control process is designed to ensure we achieve best value for money for your build. Good cost control must start with good design, not only working to the agreed budget, but ensuring the building is optimised for oak framed construction. As we’re not oak frame manufacturers, we aren’t constrained by the need to maximise the extent of the oak frame.

By working with us, and taking advantage of our industry knowledge and expertise, you can expect to save 10-15% on your total project costs, compared with self-managing a like-for-like project.


We don’t just recommend third party builders, tradesman and suppliers. We coordinate them all for you and take responsibility for the whole project from start to finish. We have a contractual responsibility to our clients throughout the entire process.

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About oak frame

Over many years, we have seen many well-intentioned architects designing oak framed houses without the necessary knowledge to ensure the end result is architecturally pleasing, meets the clients brief and is financially efficient. Here we explain some of the important design principles that need to be understood, and why it is important to use a specialist oak frame architect.

Why choose oak?

Historically, craftsman made use of readily available materials such as oak to create large covered spaces for everything from simple barns to elaborate hall houses. Today, using oak frames in architectural design allows us to create homes from the very traditional to the very contemporary, often combining oak with stainless steel and glass. The common factor is the character an oak frame brings to a home – and it’s this character all of us at Complete Oak Home are utterly passionate about. Modern building technologies bring the benefits of low running costs, limited maintenance, and warm, draught free rooms with light open spaces. An oak frame home combines these advantages with wonderful, lasting and natural beauty.

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We are a multi-disciplinary team of architects, cost control experts and project co-ordinators creating stunning bespoke oak frame homes designed for the way our clients want to live.