Video Series Special Offer

Project Appraisal for just £1,650 + VAT


To help you get your project off the ground, we’re offering subscribers to our video series a comprehensive Project Appraisal at a significantly subsidised rate.

What is a Project Appraisal?

The Project Appraisal is a recognised stage of architectural design and is an essential starting point for any house build project. It establishes the design, planning and budget parameters within which the scheme will evolve, for it to be seen through to a completed home.

What’s included:

A visit from a member of our architectural design team to:

  • Get an understanding of your site and the opportunities it presents
  • Develop your design brief with you so that you are clear what character and style of house suits you best and how your lifestyle might impact the design to ensure it best suits your current and future needs
  • An exploration of the spatial arrangement of your future house to see how the rooms and spaces you want can best be arranged to suit you

And then…

  • We will spend time preparing conceptual designs based on your brief and site
  • We will prepare a high-level indicative cost plan to help you understand the key cost drivers for your project
  • We’ll present the conclusions of your Project Appraisal to you and answer any questions you have

The Project Appraisal is right for you if…

  • You have a plot and as far as you’re aware, planning policy won’t prevent you building on it (we can advise on this over the phone if you need advice)
  • You believe you have an appropriate budget but need to be much more confident in it before committing fully to your project
  • You want to work with professional architectural designers to help you flesh out your project brief and explore possibilities
  • You want a company that works for you, with your interests at heart, throughout the entire design and build process
  • You want to dip your toe in the water with us to see how well we listen to and respond to what you want

How will it help you?

  • You’ll get a comprehensive understanding of the viability of your project
  • You’ll be able to make informed decisions to move your project forward
  • Our clients have used the Project Appraisal to present to lenders to help them get finance for their projects
  • It can be used as part of a formal pre-planning application to the local planning authority to elicit feedback on relevant policy and how they might respond to a full planning application

What to do next?

CALL US ON 01249 479 890

If you would like to find out more about having a Project Appraisal done, please call us on 01249 479 890 and ask to speak to Alan Chilton-Bates.