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Wanting to build a new home? Perhaps you’re feeling confused about where to start? Or getting conflicting answers from different companies? Maybe you can’t seem to find anyone to guide you through the process? That’s where we can help!

Our multi-disciplinary team of turnkey and oak frame specialists has all the skills and expertise you need, under one roof. We’ll help and advise you as you make all the necessary decisions, right through to the completion of your project.

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House under construction, showing exposed oak frame
Oak frame house showing build progress
Oak frame houses in the whole plot

Small development of ‘downsizer’ oak frame homes

This project is particularly special as it’s a group of village friends creating a community of houses. The oak frame houses will all look similar, but they’re each designed specifically for those living in them. We will always do our best to meet our clients needs and we’ve done just that for this project. 

“We are very grateful for your support and are so relieved our project can be made to work. It’s so good to know you have our best interests at heart.”

P Ellard


Complete Oak Home offer something rather different, not oak frame manufacturers but oak frame experts who design & build oak frame homes.

Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine

We feel as though our first assessment of what could be achieved on the site has been vindicated with the expertise of Complete Oak Home and their planning team.

G & S Hunt

The service provided by the team is second to none and I can honestly say it’s been perfect and exceptional.

B Merron

Having steered our project through challenging planning issues, Andy and his team worked tirelessly to ensure our new home is both what we wanted and within our means.

N Risdale

Small development of ‘downsizer’ oak frame homes

Our clients came to us with the idea to build an oak frame home in a coastal location with a compact design which they will use as a regular holiday retreat for their family and friends. The plot was bought with a small 1960’s bungalow on it. The new design cleverly fits a lot of accommodation and features into just 150m2. The distance between the client’s home and this project meant it was really important for them to have a complete turnkey service. This stunning oak frame house was completed in October 2016 and is the perfect holiday retreat with its coastal location.

“Having the support of Complete Oak Home gave us the best feeling knowing that someone was watching over us, and our project, paying attention to all the tiniest and most complex details. This left us to be able to focus on the fun parts and has meant our house works perfectly for how we want to live.”

C Nash


Planning challenges in a Conservation area and AONB

Our clients came to us with a garden plot in the centre of an historic Cotswold market town. They wanted to build a bespoke house with lots of character, a bit of quirkiness, plenty of natural stone, to create a warm, homely environment for their family.

Our architectural team love getting our clients fully engaged in the design process and this was no exception. With one of our clients frequently working abroad, setting up online meetings and sharing screens with them enabled them to fully contribute to the design process.

“We have both had a good look at the designs and we absolutely love them. It hugely exceeds our expectations and for this we are truly thankful of your superbly impressive work! We are so excited to think that this could be ours – you are very talented indeed.”

D Smith

exterior showing red brick and oak home with roof lights and solar panels

“The team worked with us throughout the duration of our project, from the early design stages through to completion. We now have a wonderful oak framed home which we’ve been delighted to show to many other clients.

K Hanson