The Most Comprehensive

Turnkey House Solution

Our unique turnkey house solution gives you cost savings, reduced risk, the design expertise of an architectural practice and a focus on cost control throughout your project, with all the skills and expertise under one roof.

Why Choose Turnkey?


Working with a turnkey house company doesn’t mean paying for things you wouldn’t have to if you self-managed the project. It does mean coordination, collaboration and cost efficiency; benefiting from the buying power of a well-established company running multiple projects.

Under one roof

We deliver more under one roof than anyone else. Our team of architects, project coordinators, cost consultants and contract administrators all work together to ensure a joined-up approach.

Cost control

We pay more attention to rigorous cost control than anyone else. Our robust costing processes enable us to advise our clients as they make the multitude of decisions needed to complete their turnkey house project.

Approach to design

Our unique approach to architectural design fully involves our clients, helping them get the house they want while, at the same time, benefiting from our architectural expertise and experience.


We have a great track record of getting planning permission on even the most challenging of sites. Whether it’s a straightforward full planning application or a site requiring a considered planning strategy to ensure success, we can help.

Third parties

Where external specialists are needed, such as ecologists, surveyors and engineers, we appoint them so we have responsibility and control over their performance.

Local construction teams

Working with local builders ensures good value and avoids unnecessary costs for our clients e.g. travel expenses.

Contract administration

We draw up construction contracts which ensure our clients’ best interests are served. Throughout the construction process we act as contract administrators, making sure the house is built to specification, the design doesn’t get diluted and the clients only pay the fixed price agreed under the contract.

Our 7 Step Turnkey House Process

Our tried and trusted turnkey processes ensure you are closely involved in the design and specification of your house whilst minimising the risk and angst associated with a bespoke building project.

Every project is different and we tailor our approach to suit each, however the 7 steps below show you what you can typically expect at each stage.

Prior to planning

The first stage of our process is to ensure the viability of the project. This is achieved by:

Establishing a realistic budget
Understanding the opportunities and challenges the site presents
Understanding any planning constraints
At minimal financial risk, the client gains the confidence their turnkey house project can be seen through to completion.

Design development

In this stage, the design grows from a simple conceptual idea to a set of planning drawings that can be submitted with a planning application. In this stage, we:

Undertake detailed planning investigation; some sites are simple, others require significant research to ensure every aspect of complex planning policy is considered
Develop a design brief
Prepare conceptual designs
Develop elevations, floor layouts and site plans
These steps ensure a design evolves with the greatest chance of getting planning permission, achieving the client’s aspirations and being deliverable within their budget.

Getting planning

At the end of this stage, the local planning authority will have considered the planning application and, in most cases, approved it. During this stage, we:

Prepare a well-considered and robust planning application and submit a to the local planning authority
Monitor the application through the process and start a dialogue with the case officer
Address any issues as they arise and endeavour to get a favourable decision
Our proactive approach maximises the chances of a successful application within the local authorities targeted time scale of 8 weeks.

Before construction

During this stage of detailed technical design all the necessary documentation for the construction of the house will be completed. We will prepare:

A full set of construction and building regulations drawings
A finishes schedule
A detailed cost plan
This comprehensive and robust information ensures the house will be built to an agreed price, quality and specification and without dilution of the design.

Preparing for construction

This is the exciting stage when the construction team move on to the site and the house starts to take shape. It will entail:

A pre-contract meeting with all parties
Signing the construction contract
Mobilisation of staff and materials on site
Our professional approach to the administration of the construction process limits risk to all and avoids the acrimonious relationships so prevalent in the construction industry.


This stage starts with breaking ground and culminates in the completion of the house. Whilst the house is under construction we act as contract administrators. This entails:

Ensuring the client only pays for completed work and for the amount agreed under the contract
Dealing with any variations the client requests and agreeing timings and price
Ensuring the builder complies with their contractual obligations
Handover day when the client takes ownership of their new home
Our experienced contract administrators ensure risk is minimised, costs adhered to and our clients have enjoyed the experience.

Post construction

After a period, typically of 12 months, from the completion of the house, we return to make sure everything is as it should be. We will:

Ensure the builder carries out any snagging work
Sign off the final completion certificate
Ask you to release the final retention money
We work with our clients from the start of their projects, to completion and beyond, ensuring their original vision becomes the home of their dreams.


It's been something we've been looking at for some time but to be honest we didn't really want the hassle of having to do everything ourselves. The Complete Oak Home offers us a way of achieving our dream by undertaking those tasks for us.


To me turnkey means that you have a safe pair of hands to look after you through the whole process. But I was also quite nervous of it because I really wanted to be involved in all of the decision making, and needed to know that I wasn’t going to left out of the process. Your turnkey service means that I am really enjoying the journey of building our dream holiday home. I get to be involved in all of the nice bits knowing that you take care of all of the stressful bits!


“The team worked with us throughout the duration of our project, from the early design stages through to completion. We now have a wonderful oak framed home which we’ve been delighted to show to many other clients.”


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Frequently asked questions

What is a turnkey company?

Turnkey companies vary. Complete Oak Home comprises a multi-disciplinary team of experts who can look after everything you need for your project under one roof.

What does a turnkey company do?

A turnkey company does everything you would have to pay professionals to do e.g. architect, engineer, cost consultant, but in addition helps and advises you with all the important decisions, with most professionals under one roof to aid collaboration, subsequently delivering greater value for money.

Does working with a turnkey company cost more than self-managing?

No. Working with a turnkey company means you have access to a multi-disciplinary team of experts who all work together on your project, ensuring a joined-up approach. Because turnkey companies handle multiple projects, cost savings can be passed on to the client. You do not pay anything extra. There is no ‘service charge’ for turnkey, as turnkey is not a separate service. It simply means that when you work with a turnkey company you have everything you need for your project under one roof. To read our blog post about how much your oak frame house will cost please click here.

Working with Complete Oak Home or Complete Home isn’t more expensive. You will pay the same costs to build a one off bespoke house regardless of whether you self-manage or use a turnkey company. In fact, we are confident that a professionally-managed turnkey project will cost less than if the same like-for-like project had been self-managed.

Can working with a turnkey company help me to stay within my budget?

That depends on which turnkey company you choose to work with. At Complete Oak Home and Complete Home, we have our own cost control process that we apply to each project. This allows us to advise you as you make important decisions about design and specification directly relating to your budget. To read our blog post about cost control please click here.

Can working with a turnkey company reduce the risk associated with building a one off bespoke house?

Absolutely! In addition to not costing any more money, when you work with a complete turnkey company, your risks are greatly reduced. Instead of having to learn along the way and risk costly mistakes, when you work with our team you have the confidence, as you make important decisions, that you’re keeping your project within your timeframe and budget. In addition, we have an obligation to carry professional indemnity insurance.

How involved can I be in my project when I work with a turnkey company?

If you are working with a package home company, or a company who manufacture part of the house, or who have set designs for you to choose from, you may not be able to be as involved in the design and specification as you would like to be.

If you are working with a turnkey company specialising in the design and build of one off bespoke houses, you can be involved as little or as much as you would like. At Complete Oak Home and Complete Home we work very closely with our clients to bring their aspirations and budget together, ensuring they aren’t excluded from any important decisions. We design one-off bespoke private houses. We are not a kit house company and we do not have off-the-shelf floor plans we work from. Customising existing designs rarely achieves the right result. To read our blog post about bespoke architecture please click here.

Are all turnkey companies the same?

No. What turnkey companies offer varies enormously. We believe our turnkey solutions are the most comprehensive in the UK. What really makes us different is our team of experts work with you to provide a turnkey solution. We also have a sister business,  Complete Architect, within the same building.

Does working with a turnkey company save me time?

Yes. Rather than having to find an architect, a main contractor and a multitude of different professional service providers, and coordinate and manage them all yourself, you can work with one company who has everything under one roof.

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