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Oak Frame Homes


Are you dreaming of building a beautiful bespoke home?

Would you like to work with architects and designers, specialists in oak frame homes, who really listen to your brief, understand your lifestyle and will create a truly unique design just for you?

Would you like a cost consultant to provide you with independent cost planning advice so you can understand what you can achieve for your budget and make the right decisions throughout the journey?

Do you need the support of a planning expert to understand what can be achieved on your site?

Whether you want a complete oak frame or simply love the aesthetic of oak, would you like an independent oak frame specialist who can guide the design from the beginning of the process and advise you on how to get the best results for your budget?

Would you like all of this provided by one company, one contact, one point of accountability?

Tim and Andy founded our company to provide a complete and professional service for people who want high quality, stunningly designed and meticulously built homes.

They had become increasingly frustrated by the number of house-building projects they saw coming off the rails because of budget overrun, loss of momentum or because no one would listen properly to what clients wanted.

Whilst the concept of the business was born from extensive experience in the oak framing industry, the company has grown to encompass all types of house building, providing services to self-builders as well as complete turnkey solutions.

“Everyone in our multi-disciplinary team of turnkey and specialists is committed to providing outstanding professional services to achieve the aspirations and ambitions of each client. We engage with, listen and understand our clients’ lifestyles before using our experience to advise, design and create a dream home from their vision. A home which expresses exactly how they want to live.”

(Tim Burrell, MD)

Quirky oak frame home
Oak frame home in Cornwall

Looking for inspiration?


We are currently working on a wide range of projects for our clients across the whole of the country, from contemporary to traditional oak frame homes, from urban dwellings to holiday havens.


Come and see a selection of our recently finished projects, from the Cornish barn inspired upside down house, the compact contemporary urban home, to the dream holiday haven. Each one a bespoke design, crafted to meet the dreams and budgets of our clients.


In Build

The exciting part of any project is seeing the dream become a reality. Have a look at how our current builds are progressing, see the oak frames being erected and look out for the tiny men in the rather large pool basement.



Wondering what your dream home may look like on paper? Are you thinking about a barn conversion? Trying to decide between replacement or remodelling? Have a look through some of our projects currently in planning and read about our clients' journeys. You could be on your own journey soon!


What makes us different?

When we work with you, something that might have felt risky and daunting with no certainty of a satisfactory outcome quickly becomes achievable. We inspire you with the confidence to know you’ll be turning your vision into a plan. This is delivered by:

A client-led approach to bespoke design

Good design evolves through collaboration. We match your needs and wishes with our skill and knowledge

Cost diligence

From concept to completion, our cost specialists have a unique approach to helping clients bring their project in on budget

Complete turnkey

Our turnkey solutions are the most comprehensive, with everything you need under one roof. Don’t worry if you’ve never built an oak frame home before; we are your safe pair of hands


Our oak frame homes experts are entirely independent of the oak frame manufacturing industry and our architects are independent of an ‘in house’ or ‘practice’ style

Working nationally

Our processes, infrastructure and the use of technology enable us to work nationally. We also work with clients based abroad or those having oak frame homes built in the UK

Our company ethos

To enjoy working with clients whose projects are of real personal importance, creating homes that reflect their aspirations. We don’t do off the shelf oak frame home designs

Our Turnkey Solution

Our unique turnkey solution gives you cost savings, reduced risk, the design expertise of an architectural practice and a focus on cost control throughout your project, with all the skills and expertise under one roof.



Did you know we have lots of crucial and valuable information over on our resources page? The topics range from getting planning permission to building oak frame homes using our turnkey solution.



Our inspiration gallery is packed full of beautiful images of oak frame homes to spark your own ideas. We aim to provide you with plenty inspiration to start planning your dream home.


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